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Welcome to Pilates Scotland

Pilates Scotland strives to help you achieve optimal health and well being by re-educating your body through strengthening core muscles, physical fitness and positive attitude.

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Enjoy classes that incorporate levels for everyone! You can choose the level that suits you as the individual whilst we train together to achieve results.

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Learn or recap the basics of practising Pilates. We will instruct you through the beginners exercises explaining the Pilates concept and breath.

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Benefit from improved flexibility and range of motion with these classes!
Increasing our suppleness can lead to improved posture and balance. It also decreases discomfort or pain and may result in greater strength and being less prone to injury.
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The benefits of exercise rehabilitation include, reduced pain, faster recovery, restoring muscle strength, endurance and power. It will help to improve flexibility, balance and decrease the likelihood of repeat injury or illness.

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Incorporate strength and cardio training to your Pilates workout. We will use a selection of weights and be ready to lift your heart rate!

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Find ‘how to’ videos for all of Joseph Pilates original 34 mat based exercises. Christine explains the benefit of each move, demonstrates range of movement and gives advice on progression and modification options.

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Express classes have been designed to enable you to squeeze practice in on the days where you are short on time. These classes, will continue to strengthen your core, realign your spine and body, reduce aches and pains and prevent potential injuries.

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Enjoy our back health classes specifically designed to help you ease stiffness, reduce aches and pains and improve your spinal mobility.


Anytime, anywhere

Practice with Pilates Scotland

Join our exclusive members area to enjoy practicing Pilates with expert instructors anytime, anywhere. Access our unlimited, extensive library of high quality online Pilates classes at a time that suits you.

Suitable for all levels

New classes added each week

No fixed term contract

Only £15 per month

Why Pilates Scotland?

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Unlimited access to our videos enables you to progress at your chosen pace, supporting you to achieve your goals. Our instructors motivate you, challenge you and enjoy your success with you.

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Classes are pre-recorded, so can be enjoyed in an environment you feel safe and comfortable in as well as a time of your choosing.

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All instructors are based in Scotland. They are experts in their own fields, and provide a wide choice of experiences, appropriate for every level.

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Pilates Scotland was established with the intention of making exercise, and improving your lifestyle, fun. We firmly believe a fun and positive attitude towards fitness, is the foundation of success for each individual.

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We encourage you to join our facebook chat group, to meet with like-minded people and to hear of any events taking place.

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Pilates Scotland values it’s participants and their opinions. We welcome any ideas and suggestions you have and encourage you to submit them either by email or by completing the comments section after your class.

I first met Christine a few months ago when I started strength training. I was quite intimidated by the thought of starting but I needed have worried. Christine was so welcoming and explained everything really clearly and was so motivating and enthusiastic, she really gives 100% to every class. Her classes are great. I now attend 2 classes a week with her and love it! Thank you for getting me fitter and stronger!

Christine MacLachlan

I have been doing classes with Christine for a few months now and she is easily one of the best instructors I have ever had. Her instructions are very clear and she is always giving hints and tips on how to improve technique and form. She is very approachable and always pushes everyone to go that step further. I enjoy every one of her classes.

Patricia Brogan

Christine is a brilliant teacher and a very encouraging lady and is always introducing new challenges to please her class participants – keeping us strong and happy members.

Victoria Munro

Thank you Christine for guiding me to achieve what I thought at one time was the impossible! After attending your classes over the last year, I feel stronger than ever and can now even touch my toes!

Michael Dale

I’ve known Christine for several years and regularly attend her classes, she has an amazing passion for her participants and is always encouraging. Pushing you with a smile.

Clara Bisset

I’ve been attending Christine’s classes for a few months now and I just love them. Her classes are for all abilities and she always makes me feel I’m capable of anything, I even believe I can be as graceful as she is! Christine’s class is my weekly escape from the world, she seems to have a way of making me get out of my head whilst managing to help me increase my flexibility and strength, I would definitely recommend everyone to go along to her classes.

Beccy Erwin